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Twain Illustrated
SKU: 978-1-939846-25-9

Twain Illustrated: Three Stories by Mark Twain, is a collection of three classic Mark Twain stories, illustrated by Marc Johnson-Pencook. All three stories, Emerson, Holmes, and Longfellow, The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut, and Running for Governor, show why Mark Twain is recognized as a master of wild, American humor. Check it out! /images/adaptedclassics/Twain%20Illustrated-free.pdf

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Self-Made Men
SKU: 978-1-939846-33-4

In one way or another, these six essays humorously address the perception of success in life, primarily as it pertains to wealth and health. As Leacock tells it, the successful pursuit of wealth or health tends to distort how people perceive themselves, a distortion that might be remedied if they were to add undisciplined indulgement of food, smoke, and drink into their lives. As this example shows, Leacock's satire is too far over the top to be mean-spirited. It never descends into harsh analysis of the human condition. In absurdity he found the key to poking fun at the human condition in a way that appeals to everyone, including the specific segments of the population being targeted with his satire.
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Tolstoy Illustrated
SKU: 978-1-939846-27-3

Tolstoy Illustrated collects three of Tolstoy’s best moral tales, each illustrated in pen and ink by a different young artist trained at The Art Academy in  St. Paul, Minnesota, a renowned educational institution established in 1993. These fables exemplify the moral stance Tolstoy adopted in the last three decades of his life as his search for truth matured and crystalized.


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The Carasoyn
SKU: 978-1-939846-26-6

By diverting a stream that was puddling through his dad’s farmyard, Colin, an industrious Scottish boy, inadvertently locks himself into a test of wills with the Queen of the Fairies. Colin would never have dreamed his engineering expertise and hard work would lead to an encounter with the queen. Or that to prepare himself to match wits with her, he must first visit a place where he would lose, then find himself. So why not take a walk and get lost with Colin in that special place?  After you find yourself there, maybe you too will be emboldened to face any problem that might confront you.

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Poe Illustrated
SKU: 978-1-939846-17-4

Poe Illustrated, Three Stories by Edgar Allan Poe, collects three illustrated classic stories by Edgar Allan Poe: Thou Art the Man, Hop-Frog, and The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.  Edgar Allan Poe, master of the macabre, inventor of the detective story, and a sower of sly humor throughout all of his works, remains hugely popular with readers the world over. He ably executes all the elements of his stories, and tells them with straightforward prose that plants delightful sound into the ears and minds of modern readers, young and old alike.

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Hawthorne Illustrated
SKU: 978-1-939846-16-7

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s stories are visually-rich. In Hawthorne Illustrated, master pen & ink illustrator Marc Johnson-Pencook interprets three of Hawthorne’s best stories: Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment, Mr. Higginbotham’s Catastrophe, and Feathertop. Marc’s illustrations, combined with adapter Jerome Tiller's lightly modified, modernized prose, will help middle school readers fully enjoy Hawthorne's brilliance as writer and story-teller.

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