The Carosoyn

The Carasoyn

George MacDonald's The Carosoyn
By George MacDonald
Published by ArtWrite Productions, Adapted Classics
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By diverting a stream that was puddling through his dad’s farmyard, Colin inadvertently locks himself into a test of wills with the Queen of the Fairies. Colin would have never dreamed his engineering expertise and hard work would lead to an encounter with the queen. Or that to prepare himself to match wits with her, he must first visit a place where he would lose, then find himself. So why not take a walk and get lost with Colin in that special place?  After you find yourself there, maybe you too will be emboldened to face any problem that might confront you.

With the aid of Jerome Tiller’s brave adaptation and 26 pen and ink drawings by Marc Johnson-Pencook, George MacDonald, the grandfather of fantasy tales, can take you to that place, lose you there, and help you to find yourself. Yes, working from afar with two modern day partners, George MacDonald can do that. But just know this—you are sure to be needing a new pair of shoes!


Perfect Bound | 116 pages | $13.95 USD | 6x9 | 978-1-939846-26-6 | November 12, 2022