Are Mark Twain and Leo Tolstoy birds of a feather?

Mark Twain and Leo Tolstoy – birds of a feather? Why would anybody think so? Leo Tolstoy was a radical Christian and Mark Twain was something close to an atheist. Leo Tolstoy was financially secure from the time of his birth until his death, while Mark Twain went broke in his constant pursuit of wealth. Mark Twain was spontaneously sociable, Tolstoy guarded, and at least eventually, something close to reclusive. And yet… their attitudes toward institutional power were nearly identical.

You can get a clue what attitude they shared in one of the three stories in Twain  Illustrated (Running for Governor), and all three stories in Tolstoy Illustrated.

BTW, Twain Illustrated recently won the Gold Medal Award in the Short Story/Anthology category from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA)
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