DeSantis versus Twain

Running for Governor
In a matchup for the ages, Mark Twain and Ron DeSantis will be Running for Governor. Should someone ban this contest the way that DeSantis bans books? Yes! Let DeSantis run for President! Plus, Mark Twain would ruin Florida society if he should come back from the dead and win.

OK – that's not likely to happen. As iconic as Mark Twain is—or was until guys like DeSantis started banning the books he wrote—he cannot come back and do that. No, no can do. So call off the race. Mark Twain will not run for governor. Besides, he’s been indicted, or more correctly, banned for corrupting youth, so surely he would be disqualified from running for office—right???

Moreover, even if not, he should be deported as a frontline corrupter of democracy for writing the fabulous story Running for Governor. It's one of three stories in the highly regarded, but never-gets-read classic story collection, Twain Illustrated. Don’t read it neither if you fear becoming a citizen who can get corrupted by reading a story in this whatever is left of that democracy we once were reputed to have had in those history books that now might be banned. For your corruption will likely happen if you do read it is what I have heard and read on the internet, so I know it must be true.
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