Midwest Book Review Recommends "Eve and Adam”

Midwest Book Review recommends “Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Eve and Adam”. You will find their review posted on the Literary Shelf in the October 2017 edition of their e-magazine. It is the first comment we have heard about our newly published book for middle-school readers. Thankfully, it’s a positive one. And we are thankful exactly six times over that Midwest Book Review likes all the books in our Adapted Classics collection of timeless stories for middle-school readers.

That someone finally commented on the book pleases us. However, the reviewer disappointed us by quoting Adam's downer observation about death as the example of Twain’s funny, positive story. The short excerpt the reviewer used does not reflect the tone of the story at all. So why use that example in a short review?

A Pithy Summation

If pressed for a pithy summation, I suppose most people would condense the story of Eve and Adam into the eating of the apple and the forbidden act’s deadly consequence. But Mark Twain didn’t dwell on this climatic event of early scripture. He passed through the apple-eating episode of the story rather quickly, using it mainly to set-up better things ahead for Eve and Adam.

After the fall, the mysterious, inescapable power of love overtakes Eve and Adam. Death finally intervenes, but Twain leaves the reader uplifted at the conclusion of Eve’s and Adam’s stories, not deflated. By focusing on death, the reviewer leaves the impression the two Twain creation stories we combined into one does otherwise. Besides that, Mark Twain is the master humorist of all time and his creation stories are funny. They’re funny! So once, why focus on downer death? Cheesh!!

Let me stress, however, we are not ingrates. We are very happy Midwest Book Review highly recommended “Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Eve and Adam” for public and school library middle grade collections. They admire all the books we have published in the Adapted Classics collection, and we are grateful they have repeatedly declared that. So thank you, Midwest Book Review. You provide a wonderful service for many small publishing companies!