Illustrated Leacock Essays

The six humorous, illustrated essays in the soon-to-be-published Self-Made Men by Stephen Leacock are drawn from three separate sources of Leacock material. The title essay, Self-Made Men, was published in 1910 in a collection of essays titled Literary Lapses. This was Leacock’s first venture into collecting and self-publishing his humorous essays, all of which had been first published in a variety of magazines. It was an immediate success, garnering him praise and then a contract with a book publisher. From this first venture he proceeded to have an extremely successful career, mainly writing humorous fiction, but also other works. Between the years 1915 and 1925 he was the most popular humorist in the English speaking world.

The essay Self-Made Men, along with five other essays in our forthcoming Adapted Classics collection, was illustrated by Marc Johnson-Pencook. We have used his incredible talent as a pen & ink artist for almost all of our publications to date. The primary reason we have used him should be readily apparent in this free introductory pdf version of Self-Made Men. We think you will enjoy the essay and how Marc complemented it with his amazing illustrations. You can also see a small sample of Marc’s other Adapted Classics illustrations on the Look & See page on this web-site.