Does anyone compare to Mark Twain? Yes!

   Way up north there was once a Canuck humorist by the name of Stephen Leacock who, as a practicing humorist, was comparable to Mark Twain. Yes indeed, he was. Just as worthy comedians and humorists in the USA are annually awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, worthy humor writers in Canada are annually awarded the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour. And yet, despite his grand reputation, many avid readers in the USA and elsewhere have never heard of Mr. Leacock.
   Luckily for the vast hordes of illustrated literature lovers who buy Adapted Classics books, we will soon publish a collection of six humorous essays by Stephen Leacock. This collection will be entitled Self-Made Men, which is also the title of the lead essay in the collection. Although I appreciate your gratitude, you don’t have to thank me now for this. Wait until I post a free pdf version of the illustrated essay Self-Made Men in the coming weeks. At that time I will humbly accept your thanks.
   Until then, enjoy an illustration by Marc Johnson-Pencook that supports these essays.