Three (Classic) Stories by Edgar Allan Poe

Three Stories by Edgar Allan Poe is the subtitle for Poe Illustrated, the latest addition to our Adapted Classics collection. I feel I need to mention the subtitle of our Poe Illustrated since there are other Poe Illustrated books out there. I believe all of them are graphic stories, identical to graphic novels in structure. If so, that sets them apart from all the stories I publish in the Adapted Classics collection.

In the collection, I fit illustrations to complete (though slightly modified) narratives of the classic stories I select for adaptation. In structure, the adapted stories are more like novels of the 19th-century, such as, for instance, all of Charles Dicken’s novels. I only choose certain scenes for illustration in the classic stories I adapt, although many more scenes are illustrated than you'll find in those illustrated novels. Most of the stories contain roughly 30 pages of narrative and 14 illustrations. To my knowledge, no other publisher takes this approach when adapting classic literature.