Purchasing Options for Self-Made Men

Purchasing options for Self-Made Men have been determined after much reflection and many wrong turns. Straight to the point—you can now purchase a real book that can be held, smelled, and shelved or, if you actually prefer a screen, you can view or download a PDF version at no charge to you. Of course, after seeing the free PDF you might decide to purchase a real book you can hold, smell, and shelve or maybe gift to a person that you love or hate. I am okay with that. Either or both are fine. Whatever you want to do. That will be your choice.

You could also hate me for wasting your time if you use some of what you have to fruitlessly sample the PDF version for awhile. I can't help it if that’s your reaction. Everyone has their own taste in humor and everyone will rank the value of the time they spend on intellectual pursuits according their own temperament and situation. Fine, well, and amen. I'd just think you'd feel relieved the reading and viewing experience didn’t cost you anything more than your time.

But If you do end up hating me for wasting your time, please keep your distance. I am a man of peace who happens to enjoy Stephen Leacock’s humor and Marc Johnson-Pencook’s complementary illustrations. And that’s my right. So please keep my right in mind if we do happen to cross paths somewhere at a soon or distant time. Thank you.