Hawthorne Illustrated

We attached the cover for Hawthorne Illustrated below. We put the book up for sale on August 31, 2018. Four months before we published it, we sent Advance Review Copies to eight VIP book reviewers nationwide. Unfortunately, not one of them decided to review it. That means the book will be very hard to sell to schools and libraries.

There are only a few reviewers whose opinions wholesale book purchasers rely upon, and those few reviewers focus on books from a few, large, corporate publishing houses. Small publishers call it the tyranny of the few!

Nevertheless, Adapted Classics always give it a try. Our attitude is - hey, we publish renowned English-language authors. Why wouldn’t a reviewer want to plug these guys (and soon gals) to middle school readers via libraries and schools? Or, if you think that our adaptations have ruined these famous stories, why wouldn’t you want to warn purchasers off?

We have one answer to these senseless questions. The amount of respect we have for classic authors far exceeds our importance in the book publishing world. Also, for kickers, the value we place on illustrated books for readers past childhood matters not. We are small. Miniature. We compete in a world economy ruled by giants. Nuff said.

[caption id="attachment_834" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Cover - Hawthorne Illustrated[/caption]