FollettBound! Classics Deserve Protection!

FollettBound! Because classics deserve protection! These special bindings carry a Lifetime-Guarantee! What better partner for the timeless, illustrated classic stories we publish? Adapted Classics declares it’s a perfect match. And why? We adapt our illustrated classics for middle school readers. They are not known to be the easiest handlers of books, are they?

Follett School Solutions and Baker and Taylor have schools and libraries covered. They provide a lifetime guarantee for all of their FollettBound books – if the binding fails, they’ll replace the book.

Replacement, check! But that’s not enough. For when librarians and school administrators go shopping for middle schoolers, they look for more. They want heady, yet accessible books for the middle school crowd. Plus, entertainment value!

Adapted Classics books fill those bills to a Tiller. Professional educator types know better than anybody else that heady classics never lose relevance, never go out of style. Check! But are they accessible enough? With a little sleight of pen, magical adaptationist Jerome Tiller makes sure that they are. Check! And as for classic entertainment value, that area is completely covered by Marc Johnson-Pencook's illustrations. Are his renderings of scene and character reminiscent of the golden era of illustration? Surely, they are. Check! So that's checks across the board--we've got a winner!