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Publication Dates

Little ArtWrite Productions had postponed the publication dates for two forthcoming books due to lack of interest. But we have now published the books. ”Sammy’s Day at the Fair: etc., etc. and “Hawthorne Illustrated”, on August 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018, respectively.

In a December blog I announced the aforementioned books whose publication dates we then later postponed for lack of interest. I focused on pretty thoroughly previewing “Hawthorne Illustrated” in that December post. I also said why the other one, Sammy’s Day, etc., etc., though not a classic, has classic qualities and why you should be interested.

So here’s the explanations. The book “Sammy’s, etc., etc.” contains accessible scientific descriptions of a young lad’s working digestive system. Since classic connotes timeless, and since for all time, going backward and forward, young lads either have had or will have digestive systems, you could consider the book kind of classic. Yes? No?

But whether you agree or not, there’s still a reason why you should be interested. The Guinness Book of World Records documents many ‘mosts’, ‘bests’, ‘leasts’, etc., pertaining to people, stuff, events, etc.. It’s not my fault they do not keep a record for a book that has received more endorsements by USA award-winning teachers than any other. When the first edition of “Sammy’s etc.” was published in 2004, it received endorsements from three Milken National Educator Award winners and four winners of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. Interesting? Yes? No?

"Sammy's Day, etc., etc."

The unabbreviated title of the book is: “Sammy’s Day at the Fair: The Digestive System, featuring Gut Feelings and Reactions”. ArtWrite Productions will publish it on August 1, 2018. This second edition will contain 48 pages of fair-food adventures along with accessible descriptions of digestive system functions and dysfunctions. It will also include nutritional information. 4-color illustrations appear on every page, and a glossary provides easy referencing of scientific terms. The book should appeal to children ages 8-12.

“Sammy’s Day at the Fair” is not an Adapted Classics book. It's an ArtWrite Productions book. Therefore, I will only make brief mention of it in future blogs on this site. It’s a good book, but I concede nobody could seriously contend it’s ‘classic’.

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