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Accessible Classic Literature for Middle-School

Accessible classic literature for middle-school readers? Poe Illustrated will fill that bill. Adapted Classics has this Edgar Allan Poe collection in pre-production right now. We plan to publish in April 2021. It will include three illustrated Poe stories – our previously published Thou Art the Man and Hop-Frog, plus a new Adapted Classics title – The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether. We know many middle school students have like reading classic literature just as originally written and presented. But we also know that many readers in this age group reject this type of reading matter for personal enjoyment.[…] Read More

Mark Twain is Running for Governor

Mark Twain is Running for Governor. But that’s fake news. Or just plain fiction, to use a more accurate term. For among other things, Mark Twain wrote political satire. Our latest story celebrates this brand of Twain humor during our 2020 election season. Twain wrote Running for Governor for his monthly column in The Galaxy, a literary magazine. He portrayed his fictional candidacy for Governor to be hopeless, just as if he had actually campaigned for the position. He knew that both major party candidates were generating newspaper propaganda in the New York election of 1870. And he knew those lies would doom any honest, independent candidate to defeat. Fake[…] Read More

Free Illustrated ePub – Twain’s Running for Governor

Free Illustrated ePub—Mark Twain’s Running for Governor. Take a trip back to 1870 with Twain and master illustrator Marc Johnson-Pencook. Twain and Marc describe and illustrate how a deluge of fake news swamps Twain’s spirit and chances during his campaign for Governor of New York. This campaign technique sounds seriously familiar, doesn’t it? And yet, Twain’s story and Marc’s illustrations will likely amuse you. So go ahead. Get your free illustrated ePub until the US 2020 presidential election is decided. You can use a few laughs during this bizarre and frightening election season. After all, unlike our 2020 presidential election, Mark Twain’s campaign isn’t real. Or so people say. 

Election Propaganda? Mark Twain is Running!

Election Propaganda? What’s new? Until the US 2020 presidential election is decided, we are posting a free download of Mark Twain’s Running for Governor on our home page. So go ahead. Take a trip back to 1870 with Twain and master illustrator Marc Johnson-Pencook. You can use a few laughs during this bizarre and frightening election season. Twain and Marc describe and illustrate how a deluge of fake news swamps Twain’s spirit and chances during his campaign for Governor of New York. This election campaign technique sounds seriously familiar, doesn’t it? And yet, Twain’s story and Marc’s illustrations will likely amuse you. After all, unlike[…] Read More

FollettBound! Classics Deserve Protection!

FollettBound! Because classics deserve protection! These special bindings carry a Lifetime-Guarantee! What better partner for the timeless, illustrated classic stories we publish? Adapted Classics declares it’s a perfect match. And why? We adapt our illustrated classics for middle school readers. They are not known to be the easiest handlers of books, are they? Follett School Solutions and Baker and Taylor have schools and libraries covered. They provide a lifetime guarantee for all of their FollettBound books – if the binding fails, they’ll replace the book. Replacement, check! But that’s not enough. For when librarians and school administrators go shopping for middle schoolers, they look for[…] Read More

A Free-for-All Election, no-holds-barred

A free-for-all election, no-holds-barred, can be fun. But not unless someone like Mark Twain’s Running for Governor. Pretend with him that he is, and just forget the obstacles he encounters are so much like 2020 reality. Get past that kind of comparing and you’ve got it made. You can enjoy Twain’s humorous political tale, and immensely! Mark Twain’s Running for Governor will eventually be collected with two more Twain stories in an Adapted Classics book entitled Twain Illustrated. But we could not resist sharing a free, special edition of this story during the 2020 election season. Twain hilariously describes his run for[…] Read More

Feathertop-Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Last Story

Feathertop was the last story Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote. Most literary critics do not rank it with his best. They usually find the story too far-fetched and its moral message too obvious. Both these criticisms may be valid, but it’ s also very difficult to please literary critics. Did they overlook Feathertop’s entertainment value? Mother Rigby certainly makes her disdain for human phoniness very obvious, but she does so with humorous digs and disses that have held up very well over time.  And when Feathertop gains self-awareness, when he realizes he is but a scarecrow stuffed with straw, his surrender to[…] Read More

The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether

The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether shows Edgar Allan Poe’s dark sense of humor to great effect. We will include it in Poe Illustrated, our collection of three illustrated stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe wrote The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether in 1845.  About 50 years prior to that, French doctor Phillipe Penel had devised a gentle system for treating mentally ill patients. Poe created a similar ’soothing’ system for treating patients in the House of Health, the asylum setting for this humorous, yet controversial story. Despite Penel’s well-publicized innovation, harsh treatment of mental patients persisted in asylums world-wide. Maybe Poe was trying to promote Penel’s gentle methods when he wrote his story. Or perhaps not. To this day scholars who analyze literature or try to[…] Read More

Library Purchasing Decisions might seem Mysterious

Library purchasing decisions might seem mysterious, but they are not. Libraries simply seek to fulfill customer demand. And what creates that demand? Well, the public will always want to read books by or about celebrities.  And good reviews, regardless of the author or subject, usually or sometimes create demand for books. Acquisition librarians try their best to solve the riddle of ‘usually’ or ‘sometimes’. Within the riddle lies most of the gamble that libraries take in trying to satisfy public demand. And there’s always publicity, whether purchased or otherwise. And of course, libraries will also purchase under-the-radar books if requested[…] Read More

Poe Illustrated Delayed Due to Pandemic

We have postponed the release of Poe Illustrated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s doubtful anyone would be surprised. Ain’t about everything fun, good, and worthwhile delayed, postponed, or canceled? To say these are terrible times says about absolutely nothing. We are unhappy for everybody, and especially sad for those most effected, directly and indirectly . As a micro-publisher, we operate ArtWrite Productions/Adapted Classics out of a home. We do virtually everything remotely, or at least we could. So why not proceed with the publication? Well, classrooms in elementary and middle schools, their libraries, and public libraries, comprise our primary[…] Read More