Poe Illustrated Delayed Due to Pandemic

We have postponed the release of Poe Illustrated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s doubtful anyone would be surprised. Ain’t about everything fun, good, and worthwhile delayed, postponed, or canceled? To say these are terrible times says about absolutely nothing. We are unhappy for everybody, and especially sad for those most effected, directly and indirectly .

As a micro-publisher, we operate ArtWrite Productions/Adapted Classics out of a home. We do virtually everything remotely, or at least we could. So why not proceed with the publication? Well, classrooms in elementary and middle schools, their libraries, and public libraries, comprise our primary markets. Since COVID-19 has temporarily put these institutions out of operation, it seems pointless to publish Poe illustrated at this time. Consequently, we are delaying publication indefinitely.

In the meantime, we will start giving you free samples of the three stories included in the book. Follow the link provided, and it will take you to the Indie Minnesota website. From there, you will be able to read a complete copy of our first adapted Poe story — Thou Art the Man — a detective story laced with wry humor throughout. We hope you enjoy it.

Cover for Edgar Allan Poe's Thou Art the Man
Searching for the body – Thou Art the Man

2015 Top Shelf Fiction for Middle-School Readers – VOYA Magazine

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