Picture Books are for Kids and Adults

Picture books are for kids, but many adults like them too. You can call these adults big kids, and you can call picture books illustrated literature. I suppose a special group of students at Iona College wouldn’t care one way or the other. These students belong to a student organization called Admirers of Illustrated Literature. I would like to get to know them. 

The Iona College campus rests peacefully in New Rochelle, NY, about twenty miles north of hectic mid-Manhattan. Carl Reiner, creator, producer, writer, and actor on The Dick Van Dyke Show (with bunches of other credits, including son Rob Reiner), set that popular 1960’s situation comedy in New Rochelle. Maybe Rob Petrie and/or Laura Petrie, main characters in the show, attended Iona College before they settled into the script. Seems like they would have fit in well among its current student body, about 4000 strong, lured no doubt to Iona by its diverse social-justice culture and wide array of academic disciplines. Maybe Rob studied theatre there, maybe Laura music and dance. They could have – Iona College offers degrees in Performing Arts and Arts Leadership.

Admirers of Illustrated Literature 

The Admirers of Illustrated Literature celebrate various forms of illustrated entertainment media, not just picture books. Among other forms, they like anime, video games, manga and comic books. The goal of this student organization is to increase the appreciation and awareness of illustrated literature genres throughout Iona College’s community. Besides that, they have fun and review/positively critique all forms of illustrated literature.

Our line of Adapted Classics books might suit their tastes. We don’t know, but we will try to find out. Because the Adapted Classics books surely identify as picture books, i.e.; illustrated literature, so they might. I will see if our books appeal to them and let you know.

Cruella and Dalmatian

Seems like students who are interested in all media forms of illustrated literature would be acquainted with 101 Dalmatians. These halloweeners must be. Certainly, they closely resemble Cruella and a Dalmatian puppy. Don’t you agree?

Picture book pair - Cruella and Dalmation

Cruella in coat, Pup in spots

Picture-book Cruella & Pup

Cruella & Pup

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