News – Eve & Adam Free for Nothin’

My warehouse has been shipping out copies of “Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Eve & Adam“ free for nothin’, but  does that make the news? No – not exactly. Not unless you consider this blog ‘news’.

News or not, my warehouse certainly does ship out free for nothin’ new books that we donate to literacy organizations like Reader to Reader and Kids Need to Read. In the past few weeks, 60 library-bound copies of “Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Eve & Adam” went out to each of these two organizations. Both of them provide new and gently-used books to under-resourced public and school libraries. We hope the kids who visit libraries served by these fine organizations will enjoy reading Mark Twain. Many kids from previous generations sure did!

But this is not the main news this blog wants to share. Free for nothin’ applies to our pdf version of “Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Eve & Adam” as well. We thought as long as we’re giving stuff away, we’d go whole hog.

Book publishing presents many challenges, and sometimes rewards, such as critical acclaim. We presume sometimes publishers reap monetary rewards too, else wise how could publishing firms survive? But the book publishing industry includes many, almost countless, small publishers who never make a dime. I don’t know all the possible reasons why profitless publishers produce and hawk books. I suspect some of them are run by lovers of books who just want to know they made their own creative contribution to the vast collection of books at hand. Maybe I’m one of those publishers. In truth, probably I am. Nevertheless, I’m still trying to make a dime.

But besides artistic satisfaction and money making motives, it sure feels good to give stuff away. Most especially to those who don’t have much. That’s an impure reason why I have my warehouse send out books that will eventually get into the hands and minds of needy kids — because it makes me feel good to do it. But I definitely do want to help kids who live in under-resourced communities. If giving to literacy organizations also makes me feel good on top of that, then so be it. Certainly, fulfilling the role of book benefactor was not my original motivation for publishing books for youth. But then, maybe that’s the role I was meant to play.

On the other hand, as far as you are concerned, we are not providing the free for nothin’ pdf version of “Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Eve & Adam” because you need one or because giving them out makes us feel good. Our motivations are self-serving. Tactically, a free electronic version of the book promotes the tangible product we have for sale. And you know that without being told.

But what people think of our adaptation of Twain for middle-school readers also interests us. Outside of a positive, though abbreviated assessment by Midwest Book Review, and a not so positive review by a reader who objected to female stereotyping, we have not heard whether we succeeded in adapting ‘Eve and Adam’ for middle-school readers. We’d kind of like to know.

Anyway, to sum up, here’s your chance at free for nothin’. Free don’t always come around and sometimes it don’t keep forever. So take advantage now. One click and away you go. Let the inimitable Mark Twain take you all the way back to new creation!  Go ahead – click and read. After you do, you will be equipped with honest opinions to help us evaluate our book and our company’s course of action – if you care to.

For correct effect, set your PDF Reader View to Page Display. Click Two Page View . Click Show Cover Page in Two Page View. As for commenting on the book, you probably know you could do that in various places. You could comment right here on our contact page, or on Facebook, Amazon, Good Reads, etc. You will earn our free gratitude if you do.

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