Marc Johnson-Pencook—Master Pen & Ink Illustrator

Marc Johnson-Pencook, master pen & ink illustrator, has rendered all the art so far in our Adapted Classics collection of illustrated books for middle-school readers. We hope we can provide much more work for him going forward. Heaven knows, we are more than satisfied with his interpretation and rendering of characters and scenes in the seven classic stories we have adapted (eight, if we count our two-stories-in-one adaptation of Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Eve and Adam). 

The art-bug bit Marc when he was a young boy, and Marc has been biting back ever since. Literally. Although the Adapted Classics stories he has illustrated haven’t given him much chance to draw bugs, Marc has penned plenty of them over time. They are his passion. Bugs, and just as much, skeletons. 

We are considering a few stories to adapt in which he can draw either one or both. I told him I’m inclined to turn him loose on his passions to see if that might vault him out of anonymity. What could it hurt? Failing, we’d only have dug a deeper hole in which to hide his incredible art. 

Butterfly landing on the head of Dr. Heidegger
Marc Johnson-Pencook’s image of a landing butterfly in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment.

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