Free Illustrated ePub – Twain’s Running for Governor

Free Illustrated ePub—Mark Twain’s Running for Governor. Take a trip back to 1870 with Twain and master illustrator Marc Johnson-Pencook. Twain and Marc describe and illustrate how a deluge of fake news swamps Twain’s spirit and chances during his campaign for Governor of New York. This campaign technique sounds seriously familiar, doesn’t it? And yet, Twain’s story and Marc’s illustrations will likely amuse you. So go ahead. Get your free illustrated ePub until the US 2020 presidential election is decided. You can use a few laughs during this bizarre and frightening election season. After all, unlike our 2020 presidential election, Mark Twain’s campaign isn’t real. Or so people say. 

Free ePub - Mark Twain's Running for Governor
Free Illustrated ePub – Mark Twain’s Running for Governor

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