About Adapted Classics

Founded as an imprint of ArtWrite Productions in 2010, Adapted Classics aims to introduce modern, young readers to classic literature. Using modernized language and neo-classic illustrations, we make great classic stories more accessible to modern youth.

First of all, we want young readers to open the covers and soak in the illustrations. Then we want them to browse and sample the stories. We believe that when they do, they will pick up and read our stories to the end. Now magic happens. New readers discover the fabulous, make-believe worlds created by some of the world’s greatest authors.

Adapted Classics exists because of this. We believe young readers will enjoy classic stories as much as prior generations have. Our books provide young readers the perfect opportunity to dive into these timeless tales for the very first time. We hope they will make it a habit.

Adapted Classics comprises a growing collection of carefully adapted stories. VOYA Magazine recognized our books as “Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers, and Midwest Book Review highly recommends them.

Although specifically designed for middle school readers, youngsters and oldsters alike will enjoy these stories. This is reflected in our byline – Illustrated Literature For Youngsters (& Oldsters).” Everybody will like these books.

Marc Johnson-Pencook is an illustrator, animator, and muralist. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His illustrations appear in books, periodicals, gallery shows and private collections. He also teaches illustration at the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis and the Art Academy in St. Paul. In addition, Marc composes and performs rock music. He currently plays percussion for “Ozmo Stone” – a rock band based in Minneapolis.

Jerome Tiller lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Along with his son Paul, he co-owns ArtWrite Productions, a publishing company bent on making education and reading more pleasurable for youth. Adapted Classics, an imprint of ArtWrite Productions, uses fine-art illustrations to introduce classic stories to young readers.