A Free-for-All Election, no-holds-barred

A free-for-all election, no-holds-barred, can be fun. But not unless someone like Mark Twain’s Running for Governor. Pretend with him that he is, and just forget the obstacles he encounters are so much like 2020 reality. Get past that kind of comparing and you’ve got it made. You can enjoy Twain’s humorous political tale, and immensely!

Mark Twain’s Running for Governor will eventually be collected with two more Twain stories in an Adapted Classics book entitled Twain Illustrated. But we could not resist sharing a free, special edition of this story during the 2020 election season. Twain hilariously describes his run for public office, and Marc Johnson-Pencook masterfully illustrates it. And yet, as just mentioned, the story strangely disturbs as well. Could our political campaigns be as dishonest now as they were in 1870 when Twain wrote the piece? Sure, this free-for-all election is satire, but also not very far from the truth. 

We invite you to laugh through whatever pains you this election season. You can find a free epub download on our home page. We will leave that up until a winner is decided in the US presidential election of 2020. Let’s all hope that happens immediately, or at least far sooner than later. We would love to pull the story down on November 4!

In a free-for-all election! But can he win?

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